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New Routes

Rimini - Catania

Air Vallée
Starting from169 €

From Rimini to Cataniaone way taxes included

Rimini - Tirana

Air Vallée
Starting from158 €

From Rimini to Tiranaone way taxes included

Pescara - Arad

Air Vallée
Starting from150 €

From Pescara to Aradone way taxes included

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Before You Fly

Before leaving check the status of your flight by checking the website or by contacting the airport of departure (here you can find addresses). Go to check-in desk at least 1 hour in advance for domestic flights and two hours for international flights.

Check your luggage and documents

Prima di iniziare il tuo viaggio, controlla di essere in possesso dei documenti di viaggio e documenti di identità necessari in corso di validità. Before starting your trip, check to have your travel documents and identity cards or passport valid. Check also air transport rules and baggage regulations. More information...

If you need special assistance for boarding, landing or during flight, contact us at least 72 hours in advance to take advantage of our special assistance. More information...

The routes of the week

Tirana - Bari
Tirana - Pescara
Tirana - Pescara
Pescara - Arad
Catania - Rimini


Pescara Airport Press Release regarding Pescara-Tirana Route

Pescara Airport Press Release regarding Pescara-Tirana Route

Pescara-Tirana: dal 26 ottobre il volo s[...]